Playful, silly funny and the angelic new born. All come to mind when photographing children. John’s ability to capture your perfect cherished moments to create images that reflect your family’s personality is second to none.

John says when a client come to me and asks to shoot children especially their family it’s a true joy as children are so expressive. Every day a child lives on an emotional roller coaster its pure it’s real, smiling one moment silly playful the next. Even a temper tantrum if captured correctly will be cherished in years to come.

Children are an extension of our self and if only we had the opportunity to recapture our own childhood to share our mothers warm embrace or the look on your fathers face as you trusted him when he threw you in the air to catch you fall. Imagine capturing the day you looked for fairies in the garden or thought if you put on your magic cape you where a superhero and could fly these memories are to be cherished your unique story, a thumb print of your life.

John says its important to feel comfortable and your sitting should free flow not stiff it should be an exciting time, a playful time, sharing intimacy with your loved ones so embrace, relax, enjoy watch what unfolds your life story is about to be recorded a picture book it will be treasured its called your family photo album.

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